NC Legislative Guide Archive

An informed electorate is the essence of democratic government, but more than a general understanding of important issues is required if government is to fully serve the public’s interests. Informed citizens must also know something about the men and women elected to serve them as legislators. This section of the Website has been prepared to acquaint the people of North Carolina with their state Senators and Representatives.

Article II: A Guide to the N.C. Legislature provides concise, yet comprehensive, information about each member of the North Carolina General Assembly.  Each Senator and Representative has been individually profiled in a manner that will quickly tell the reader:

  • how to contact each legislator — by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail;
  • the legislator’s occupation and educational background;
  • what kind of bills the legislator introduced in the previous session, and his or her success in getting them passed; and
  • how he or she voted on a range of issues of statewide interest during the past session. 

In addition, members of the General Assembly who served in the previous session were ranked according to the results of a survey of the “effectiveness” of each senator and representative.  Rankings also are included of each legislator’s attendance and roll call voting participation.

All of this information has been organized so it can be readily understood and interpreted and so  activities of various legislators can be easily compared. Sources used in the preparation of Article II include: (1) The North Carolina Manual, prepared by the Office of the Secretary of State; (2) the North Carolina General Assembly Senate and House Rules Directories; (3) North Carolina Legislation, published by the UNC-CH School of Government; (4) Summaries of Substantive Ratified Legislation, published by the Research Division of the N.C. General Assembly; (5) official roll call vote sheets kept in the legislative library; (6) lists of bills by introducer available at; and (7) various other legislative listings produced by the Principal Clerks for the House and Senate and by the staff of the North Carolina General Assembly and also available at

Every effort has been made to verify sources and to rectify apparent discrepancies. Each legislator was given the opportunity to review his or her profile page in draft form for accuracy. We publish this information solely for the purpose of making information about state legislators more accessible, and thus more meaningful, to the people of North Carolina.