About Us

Founded in 1977, the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, research organization.  We are dedicated to the goals of a better-informed public and a more effective, accountable, and responsive government.  We believe solid, objective research is the key to good public policy decisions.  Our mission is to identify public policy issues facing North Carolina and to enrich the dialogue among citizens, the media, and policymakers.  Based on our research, the Center makes recommendations for improving the way government serves the people of this state.  In all our efforts, the Center values reliable and objective research as a basis for analyzing public policy, independence from partisan bias and political ideology, the richness of the state’s diverse population, and a belief in the importance of citizen involvement in public life.  We have a proven track record of providing highly-respected, objective research to the public, the media, and policymakers and helping citizens become engaged on all kinds of public policy issues. 
The Center is governed by a 23-member Board of Directors designed to mirror the population of North Carolina in its proportions of men and women; African Americans, Caucasians, and Hispanics; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents; from the East, West, and Piedmont.  With our Board of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, there are no sacred cows in what we should study, and there are no predetermined results.
The Center publishes a journal called North Carolina Insight, a citizens’ guide to the legislature, and in-depth research reports.  The Center has recently conducted studies of ways to prevent high school dropouts, ways to reduce domestic violence, an evaluation of charter schools' performance, issues affecting the aging in N.C., and the future of North Carolina’s community colleges.  Upcoming studies include more research on issues affecting the aging, mental healh reform, student financial aid policy, and state water policy.