Some of Most Effective Legislators in Both Parties Won’t Be Back, Says N.C. Policy Center

Today, the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research releases its biennial report Rankings of Effectiveness, Attendance, and Roll Call Voting Participation for the North Carolina General Assembly.  

This year’s rankings mark the 20th time the Center has undertaken this comprehensive survey.  The first edition evaluated the performance of the 1977-78 General Assembly. The Center’s effectiveness rankings are based on surveys completed by the legislators themselves, by registered lobbyists who are based in North Carolina and who regularly work in the General Assembly, and by capital news reporters.  These three groups are asked to rate each legislator’s effectiveness on the basis of participation in committee work, skill at guiding bills through committees and in floor debates, and general knowledge or expertise in specific fields.  The survey respondents also are asked to consider the respect that legislators command from their peers, as well as his or her ethics, the political power they hold (by virtue of office, longevity, or personal skills), their ability to sway the opinions of fellow legislators, and their aptitude for the overall legislative process. 

This marks the eighth time the Center has tabulated rankings of attendance and roll call voting participation, using official records from the N.C. General Assembly.

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