N.C. Releases Aging Services Plan for the Next Four Years

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services recently released the state’s Aging Services Plan for 2015-2019. Following listening sessions held across the state and after receiving input from the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Aging, the state’s area agencies on aging, and 400 individuals, the Division of Aging and Adult Services compiled six primary goals for the state.

As explained in the Plan, and as examined in the Center’s recent N.C. Insight, “Serving Our Seniors,” our state’s older population is growing rapidly. The Plan estimates that 90 of our 100 counties will have more people aged 60 and over than aged 17 and under by 2025.

Here are the six major goals in the Aging Services Plan for 2015-2019, “Booming Forward: Working Together to Improve Lives”:

Each individual goal also sets out related objectives that include education, outreach, and support components. The Plan states that North Carolina faces “significant budgetary challenges to keep at-risk older adults and persons with disabilities in their homes and communities,” and notes that the waiting lists for services covered by the Home and Community Care Block Grant are increasing. The Plan also highlights the role of caregiving provided by family and friends; read about one increasingly common story here.  

The Center took a look at the previous Aging Services Plan in the recently released N.C. Insight, by surveying aging and adult services professionals from the aging agencies across the state. Read more about their responses here.

To see the full 2015-2019 Aging Services Plan, click here.

To read more from the most recent N.C. Insight issue, “Serving Our Seniors,” click here.


Photo by Karen Tam