Most Powerful Committees in 2009-2010

In addition to asking those surveyed to rank legislators’ effectiveness and identify the most influential lobbyists, the Center also asked legislators, lobbyists, and capital news correspondents to name the most powerful committees in the Senate and the most powerful committees in the House of Representatives.

“Most Powerful” Senate Committees

  1. Appropriations/Base Budget
  2. Finance
  3. Commerce
  4. Rules and Operations of the Senate
  5. Judiciary I
  6. Education/Higher Education
  7. Judiciary II
  8. Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources

“Most Powerful” House Committees

  1. Appropriations
  2. Finance
  3. Judiciary I
  4. Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
  5. Education
  6. Judiciary II
  7. Health 
  8. Commerce
  9. Environment/Natural Resources
  10. Transportation